Pentecost.  2020

What a strange year. We will be celebrating this wonderful day on line instead of being in church.   But we will still be united by the Spirit.  Join us every Sunday and especially on May 31.  

The season of virus 

  oh my.   Church inside has been cancelled until middle of June.  We will be broadcasting on Facebook.   ( Wesley memorial church  St Petersburg ) is our page.  Every Sunday at 10:30am.  Come and watch. The service stays on facebook so you can watch anytime.
We now find ourselves in a season that is new to us. A season of virus. One where we are discouraged from being together just when we need support.  We look forward to a time of togetherness and a time when we can again feel the community.
We have many that are staying home on their own and all can watch on Wesley Memorial Church on facebook.
During this time we need prayer, guidance and teaching more than ever.  If you need prayer just let us know.
John Wesley taught that our first responsibility was to do no harm.  In honoring this teaching we will not be doing services in the church until at least the middle of June.   We want to show love and not cause illness.  
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Do you enjoy movies 

Come for pizza and movie 1st Friday of each month. 7pm is the magic hour. Enjoy friendship and inspiration

this is suspended for now.  Watch page for opening again

Welcome to Wesley

We call ourselves a different church.  A church that moves in two directions.
One, we want you to grow towards being more like Jesus.
Two,  We want to be a mission to the community. this means we are a No Judgement church . We are here to serve others.

All are welcome. Just love, with no strings.  We are the perfect church. that is, if you like a church of misfits. We welcome those that are uncomfortable in other churches. We struggle with the problems of life but are learning that everything is easier and better when walking with Christ. We invite you to to join us in our walk.  And bring other misfits.

To all who are weary and seek rest;
to all who mourn and long for comfort; to all who struggle and seek victory; to all who sin and need a saviour; to all who are idle and look for service; to all who are strangers and want fellowship; to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness;
and to whomsoever will come this church opens wide her doors in the name of Jesus Christ ---Welcome.