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VISITORS- This is a special note for YOU!
Here at Wesley, we are known as “the little church with a big heart.” Our welcome message is for all visitors.... and WE REALLY MEAN IT!

About our Wesley UMC Community

Some people who are members of our Wesley community are members through actual church membership. Others are members in heart and spirit. Some live in St Pete. Some live in other parts of the world, like Sweden, for example. And the cool part? All of us are in completely different places in our walk of life as well as our spiritual journey.

The Wesley community is made up of people who: grow together in faith, work together in hope and worship together in love! We bear one another’s sorrow, forgive one another’s faults, share one another’s joy, rely on one another’s support, and look for God in one another. We see God in everyone and everything! Our church members live as individuals yet we are ONE, joined by God’s presence in each other. We would love to welcome you into the Wesley community or even have you as a visitor from time to time!

How would you like to join a "new" church?

We are declaring ourselves a "new church". No, we didn't just start out. We've been around since 1954! We have looked at all the churches around the area and we have found ourselves disappointed in most of them as they declare themselves to be "Christians" and yet generate more rules, stipulations and exclusions than the "old church". We don't want to be like other churches. We like to refer to ourselves at Wesley as "Jesus Christians", focusing ourselves directly on the teachings of Christ, himself. Come and experience true love and acceptance! Online on our Facebook page or in person. ALL ARE WELCOME IN THIS PLACE! Come and worship with us each Sunday morning at 10:30am.